Antipasto - Bruschetta

3 leaf salad, pickled red onion, pickled fennel, black ash crisp flatbread, ricotta, lemon dressing  13

Arancino - fried rice ball stuffed with lamb ragu, mozzarella  9 each

Eggplant chips, cumin yoghurt, zataar, sea salt  8

Perrottas chips with old bay seasoning  9

Spicy fried chicken wings agro dolce  11

Garlic bruschetta, ricotta, mint, calabrian chilli  8

with nduja spicy sausage spread  10

Trio of olives, confit of garlic, fennel, orange, chilli  9

Affetati platter, mortadella, hot sopressa salami, prosciutto, nduja spicy sausage spread, pickled peppers  19

Avocado bruschetta, 2 hard boiled eggs, pomegranate, pickled bean sprouts, cos, caper dressing, zataar  18

Smoked salmon bruschetta, cucumber, pickled carrots, dill, smashed beets, lemon ricotta, peperoncino oil  18

Ricotta fresca bruschetta, slow roasted cherry tomatoes, basil oil  15

Sandwiches - Burgers - Tacos

Southern fried chicken sandwich, italian slaw, pickled jalapeño, tartare, chips  19

Mary had a little lamb, 8 hr lamb shoulder, pumpkin ascapace, pickled carrots, cucumber, siracha, cumin yoghurt, toasted ciabattini  18

Perrottas angus burger (180g), zucchini & red onion pickle, cheddar, mayo, chips  19

Chilli salt squid po boy, pickled jalapeño tartare, avocado, chorizo, calabrian chilli oil  15

Fish tacos, crispy spanish mackerel, avocado, italian style coleslaw, lime, jalapeño, tartare sauce  25

Tacos al pastor, twice cooked pork shoulder, kimchi, pineapple, chinotto bbq sauce, coriander, lime  25

The godfather part 2, prosciutto, mortadella, hot sopressa salami, pickled peppers, eggplant, provolone, toasted ciabattini  15


Campari cured ocean trout, pickled red onion, rocket, fennel, black ash crisp flatbread  25

Crispy brown rice salad bowl, shallot, cucumber, coriander, mint, lemon ginger dressing  15

with fried egg or hass avocado  18

with fried egg and 12 hr pulled pork  22

Fried tasmanian octopus, watermelon, pickled radish, avocado, nduja spicy sausage  25

Warm duck salad, pickled persimmon, radicchio, candied spiced pistachio, pickled beets, orange balsamic  29

3 leaf caesar salad, crispy bacon, ciabatta croutons, poached egg, anchovy, grana padano  17

with buttermilk fried chicken breast  23

Chilli salt squid salad, roast pumpkin, pomegranate, spiced popcorn, rocket  23

Pasta & More

Candele pasta, spicy lamb bolognese, sicilian green olives, cumin labne, mint, pecorino  28

Black angus rump, confit potatoes, pickled okra, olive oil marinated gorgonzola  29

Ricotta & spinach gundi (italian dumplings), san marzano tomato sugo, pine nuts, basil  23

Roast polpette (meatballs), ricotta, nduja, tomato sugo, bruschetta  25

Spaghetti with tomato sugo, ricotta fresca, basil  19

Spaghetti with prawns, cherry tomatoes, buffalo feta, grapes, chilli, lemon  28

Calamaretti pasta with spanish mackerel, puttanesca sugo, peperoncino, eggplant fries  28

One bill per table

Lunch  -  11am till 5:30pm